Zachary Barfield


​Toledo Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 80033
Toledo, OH

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I hope all are well best of health as well as your loved ones.. My name is Zach its a true pleasure to hopefully meet you. I’m in search of true friendship.. I’m in search of Christian friend’s and I’m also open to anyone writing I just wants friends I can befriend tell anything to and be myself with out judgement.. I ask that you just look past where I sit as I’ve made some mistakes in my life which I’ve used better myself and have a future of accomplishments..
I’ve been here since 2004 its taught me a lot about myself and made me the great man I am today. I’m 36 yrs of age I’ll be 37 on August 21st. I’m a man who stands on his own two feet I doing play games. I am a man of Christ. I am a reliable, honest & loyal man. I believe in God, Family, Honesty & loyalty above all else. I love to laugh & have fun but also be a gentleman & serious there is a time and place for both. I am a man who honors his words with actions I feel a person doesn’t they don’t belong in my circle..

Allow me to tell you some of my likes.. I enjoy writing as well as writing articles. I love to draw & do tattoo’s. I enjoy reading (true-crime, Biography, self-help, History) I love music (Rock, metal, Christian Rock & Country).. I love the outdoors (fishing, Hunting, Camping, hiking ect…) I enjoy going to concert’s, festival’s, ect… I love to exercise and keep fit. I just enjoy life but what’s life without friends and someone special in your life?
As I said I’m looking for Christian friends or spiritual friends but also open to all. I’m a man who is positive, vibrant & ambitious. I want to find mature people to share, dreams & goals with and converse. I just ask you to look past where I am and take a chance to get to know me I can say you won’t regret it.
Until than I hope to hear from you. Stay safe and smile.
Zach Barfield
Just so all know you contact me on institution email please allow a day or two for too respond as my mail room is slow plus I don’t get emails on weekends or Holiday’s.. so u write please have patience…thank u


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​Toledo Correctional Institution
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Drawing, shooting tattoos, metal music, playing guitar, drums, festivals, outdoors, reading, traveling