Thereasa Smith


McPherson Unit
302 Corrections Drive
Newport, AR

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📞 Looking for Telephone Pals 📞

Hello, My name is Thereasa Smith, I’m currently in the Arkansas correctional facility ADC Arkansas Department of Corrections.
I arrived here on June 18, 2020, I was sentenced to 15 years for 2nd battery.
I’m 56 years old, my d.o.b. is 8-22-1965, I was born in Dallas, TX.
I love music, talking on the telephone writing letters and making new friends.
I am in search of telephone buddies and the way you do that is to download the ADC visitation/telephone contact request and authorization form & sign up for Securus video visitation.
Sincere inquiries only, information about me I’m a Leo, I was born in Dallas, TX., I came to Arkansas in 2016.
I have brown eyes, weight at least 196 lbs., I’m 5’6″ salt/pepper hair color.
I’m single and ready to mingle.
I’m a black African American Queen.
I’m mostly Baptist + Non Denominational.
I love to talk and get to know people all races welcome, all ages welcome.
I’m looking for pen pals + companionship, friendship, and lets talk about life in general.
The past the future the present and what’s happening right now.
I’m suppose to be released 11/25/21 you can also send me pictures of anything (no nudes) please.
Plus you can also email me at download app. or email @
If you write to me, we are allowed to receive only 3 pages, write on front page only.
Thank you I look forward to meeting you soon.


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Thereasa Smith

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McPherson Unit
302 Corrections Drive
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