Manuel Cuellar


Woodbourne Correctional Facility
99 Prison Road
P.O. Box 1000
Woodbourne, NY

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Hello. My name is Manuel Cuellar. I’m eager to meet a beautiful woman with great qualities. I’m currently serving time for Arson second degree and although I am not proud of this, I’ve learned how to be more open, and excepting of it through this experience. I’m learning how to put this part of my life behind me, and look toward a better and brighter future. A future I can share with a woman who will not judge me on my past, a woman who is patient and understanding. Someone who understands that anything worth having is worth fighting for. I may not have much to offer as far as material things, but if you are the woman I am looking for, my heart and soul are yours now and forever.
If you would like to know more about me, contact me at and use my information, “Manual Cuellar; ID# 15A4069” Jpay will also download to your phone and from your phone you can send pictures and make 30 seconds videos. Well I would really like to meet you soon hopefully, by the time I come home we will have a great relationship. I hope to hear from you soon, be good and be safe.


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Manuel Cuellar

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Woodbourne Correctional Facility
99 Prison Road
P.O. Box 1000
Woodbourne, NY








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I like soccer, I like to listen to my music on old tapes I have, I like to workout in the Gym, and I also go to school at the moment to obtain my G.E.D. and that too is something that I'm interested in