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OG Smooth and the Supermax Sounds

What’s Happening? They call me O.G. Smooth my government is Al Freda.
I’m a musician/vocalist.
My true passion is writing and playing my own music. I feel music is the universal medicine. It heals your mind, body and soul.
It can take me beyond these wall. I enjoy the way music can bring joy and happiness to so many people.
It’s so amazing to me how one or two notes of a song can bring and change so many emotions.
I’m here at the Supermax in Mass. 23hr lockdown, so I keep from catching another case by writing and singing music.
My favorite is R&B + Soul. I love all music but R&B just reminds me of woman in my life, past and present.
You can hear a little of my songs on YouTube under O.G. Smooth. I don’t have any instruments here in the Supermax so I have to sing the songs acapella.
The sounds quality is not good because I’m using a phone to send out my voice.
I just want someone to hear my songs just incase I don’t make it to the bricks.
My wrap date is 2026 and parole 2023 but the way the world is today you never know what tomorrow will bring.
A little bit about myself, I’m half Syrian and half Sicilian, 180 lbs. 5’8″ brown hair and eyes.
I’m covered with ink. I did my face when I thought I was staying here from open cases. Now I just have to deal with it.
I’m an easy going person. I live by a simple code; Treat people the way you like to be treated.
I’m a firm believer in Karma and it’s distant cousin Karma Sutra lol, but seriously I feel that the more good you do for others, the better your life becomes.
I’m a very loyal friend that is why I don’t have any co-defendants. I’m doing an 8-12 for masked armed robbery and A&B with intent.
I was doing great until 2016. I had a 3 week relapse and the benzos make me do stupid things.
I love all women. That is one of my biggest addictions. I never want to detox from them. I enjoy finding the individual beauty in every one of you.
I love putting a smile on your face and a quiver in your legs. The one thing I think I miss the most is feeling that warm soft body of a woman perfectly snuggled up against me.
All the guys talk about the food they are going to eat when they get home. I know the first thing I’m going to have and I’m making it into our all night meal and then I’m going back for dessert.
Anyway, hit me up if you love music and the other activities I enjoy.
We can just chop it up or build something real.
So hit me up and peep the feel. Yes You!


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Writing + playing music, traveling, singing, outdoors, cooking, fishing, dancing, Sturges (motorcycles)